About Us

At The Farmers Garden we have done our homework and traveled the world to find the very best, freshest and healthiest gourmet produce we could find. So we can give you a wide variety of quality produce and lifestyle goods, which are exclusive only to The Farmer's Garden.

We work hard to provide you with fresh organic fruit and vegetables from our local partners and farmers, ensuring we offer you the finest freshest produce everyday, We even got our hands dirty and loaded some of the fruit baskets ourselves.

Our brand and produce reflects quality, freshness, unique, sustainable and healthy for the health conscious individual.

Our dream is to be the best supplier of high-end gourmet produce in the Middle East. We will be opening a few stores throughout the UAE so you'll always have one of our stores near you and your community.

We are also Green too (we really try), so we aim to lessen our carbon foot print on the environment by NOT using plastic bags and only work with 100% recyclable carry bags (which make cool gym bags, check them out in store). !

Pop into one of our stores near you for a quick chat with our store manager or for a quick grab and go of fresh veg or coffee and we're sure you'll enjoy what we have to offer.